(Finite-dimensional) Linear Operators.

This package implements a variety of finite dimensional linear operators. These have the advantage of only implementing a matrix-vector product instead of representing the full linear operator as a matrix in memory.


aslinop(A) Return A as a LinearOperator.


LinearOperator(dtype, shape) Finite dimensional linear operators.
Identity(shape) The identity operator.
ScalarMult(shape, scalar) A linear operator representing scalar multiplication.
MatrixMult(A) A linear operator defined via a matrix.
Kronecker(A, B[, dtype]) Kronecker product of two linear operators.
SymmetricKronecker(A[, B, dtype]) Symmetric Kronecker product of two linear operators.
Symmetrize(dim) Symmetrizes a vector in its matrix representation.
Vec([order, dim]) Vectorization operator.
Svec(dim[, check_symmetric]) Symmetric vectorization operator.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of probnum.linops.LinearOperator, probnum.linops.Identity, probnum.linops.ScalarMult, probnum.linops.MatrixMult, probnum.linops.Kronecker, probnum.linops.SymmetricKronecker, probnum.linops.Symmetrize, probnum.linops.Vec, probnum.linops.Svec