Source code for probnum.linalg.solvers.information_ops._projected_rhs

"""Information operator returning a projection of the residual."""
import numpy as np

import probnum  # pylint: disable="unused-import"

from ._linear_solver_information_op import LinearSolverInformationOp

class ProjectedRHSInformationOp(LinearSolverInformationOp):
    r"""Projected right hand side :math:`s_i \mapsto b^\top s_i = (Ax)^\top s_i` of the linear system.

    Obtain information about a linear system by projecting the right hand side :math:`b=Ax` onto a given action :math:`s_i` resulting in :math:`y_i = s_i^\top b`.

[docs] def __call__( self, solver_state: "probnum.linalg.solvers.LinearSolverState" ) -> np.ndarray: r"""Projected right hand side :math:`s_i^\top b = s_i^\top Ax` of the linear system. Parameters ---------- solver_state : Current state of the linear solver. """ return solver_state.action @ solver_state.problem.b