probnum.problems.zoo.diffeq.lorenz96(t0=0.0, tmax=30.0, y0=None, num_variables=5, params=(8.0,))[source]

Initial value problem (IVP) based on the Lorenz96 system.

The Lorenz96 system is defined through

\[f_i(t, y) = (y_{i+1} - y_{i-2}) * y_{i-1} - y_i + F\]

for some parameter \((F,)\). Default is \((F,)=(8,)\).

  • t0 – Initial time.

  • tmax – Final time.

  • y0(shape=(N, )) – Initial value. Default is [1/F, ..., 1/F]. N is the number of variables in the model.

  • num_variables – Number of variables in the model. If y0 is specified, this argument is ignored (and the number of variables is inferred from the dimension of the initial value).

  • params – Parameter(s) of the Lorenz96 model. Default is (8,).


InitialValueProblem object describing the Lorenz96 system with the prescribed configuration.

Return type