Source code for probnum.linops

"""Finite-dimensional Linear Operators."""

from ._kronecker import Kronecker, Svec, SymmetricKronecker, Symmetrize, Vec
from ._linear_operator import Identity, LinearOperator, MatrixMult, ScalarMult
from ._utils import aslinop

# Public classes and functions. Order is reflected in documentation.
__all__ = [

# Set correct module paths. Corrects links and module paths in documentation.
LinearOperator.__module__ = "probnum.linops"

Identity.__module__ = "probnum.linops"
ScalarMult.__module__ = "probnum.linops"
MatrixMult.__module__ = "probnum.linops"

Kronecker.__module__ = "probnum.linops"
Svec.__module__ = "probnum.linops"
SymmetricKronecker.__module__ = "probnum.linops"
Symmetrize.__module__ = "probnum.linops"
Vec.__module__ = "probnum.linops"

aslinop.__module__ = "probnum.linops"