probnum.problems.zoo.diffeq.rigidbody(t0=0.0, tmax=20.0, y0=None, params=(-2.0, 1.25, -0.5))[source]

Initial value problem (IVP) for rigid body dynamics without external forces.

The rigid body dynamics without external forces is defined through

\[\begin{split}f(t, y) = \begin{pmatrix} a y_2 y_3 \\ b y_1 y_3 \\ c y_1 y_2 \end{pmatrix}\end{split}\]

for parameters \((a, b, c)\). This implementation includes the Jacobian \(J_f\) of \(f\).

  • t0 – Initial time.

  • tmax – Final time.

  • y0(shape=(3, )) – Initial value. Defaults to [1., 0., 0.9].

  • params – Parameters (a, b, c) of the rigid body problem.


InitialValueProblem object describing the rigid body dynamics IVP with the prescribed configuration.

Return type: